Friday, June 28, 2013

Sturgis Falls 2013

The last weekend of June every year is a busy one for the town of Cedar Falls. Colors of Summer is the theme and the event is Sturgis Falls. This 4 day event is like a fair, parade, band concerts and shows all smooshed into one BIG event. They start early in the morning and go all night into the wee early hours of the next day. We have concerts, art shows, car shows, marathons, parades, talent shows, carnival rides, crafts, food, and more music. 

Tonight after Mike and I got off work, we picked Sullivan up and headed over to Overman Park to watch the kiddie parade. This parade isn't much, but it's very cute. Kids of all ages dress up in costume along with their parents and walk, ride, or get carried down the 4 block parade waving and smiling to all the viewers. Sullivan is very much a people watcher and loved every bit of being out in the action.  After the 20 minute parade ended we headed into the park square to listen to the kids choir sing. 

I'm sure we will be back to all the events but in the meantime Sullivan needs his beauty rest for his 1 year pictures tomorrow. One week from tomorrow our little man will be one. I still have mixed feelings about him turning one. My baby isn't a baby anymore. Hopefully the weather will be nice and Sullivan will be all smiles. 

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