Monday, March 26, 2012


This weekend was a busy one! We had such a nice weekend, Saturday started out with me working till noon while Mike got busy cleaning the house and working on yard work. 

Sunday was even busier! Church in the morning, lunch with our pastor and then we tackled our guest bedroom. What was the guest bedroom will be the nursery, the exercise room will now be the guest bedroom and the exercise equipment is being spread out to computer room and guest bedroom.

Mike also cleaned up our storage closets in our carport. He made room for more items and we are clearing out, down-sizing things we no longer need/use. We also squeezed in time to hang out with Mike's nephew Trevor. 

Monday came quick! Luckily when I got home I had a package waiting for me. The baby's room bedding!! Our colors have been switched since I found that rad green chair. We chose apple green, navy blue, white and baby blue. The bedding is a white crib skirt with navy and white polka dot sheets. I love it! 

Crib should be here end of this week or beginning of next and this weekend we plan to buy the paint. All coming together and feeling like his arrival is not far away.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Baby Update #2!!

I am well into week # 25. I have hit a new chapter, the 3rd and final trimester. I cannot believe this is the last trimester before we get to meet him. Now all he needs to do is gain a little weight before he decides to arrive. 

Today I had my 24 week appointment. I'm a week behind since we did our ultrasound late and spring break last week (most doctors have it off). 

Today's updates include good news: 
  • Blood pressure good
  • Heartbeat is strong at 135
  • Only gained 1 pound since last visit :)
  • No protein is my urine (great news)
A couple of weeks ago I started to get swelling in just my left foot. It came on fierce but when I made a quick phone call to the doctors they said to just watch sodium intake, drink lots of water, and try to stay off and elevate my feet as much as possible. That may sound easy except I stand on my feet all day long except for on my lunch break and when work is done. A couple of tweaks and swelling has slowed down, it still shows up everyday just on the left foot but right now my doctor is not too concerned. 

Other news from the doctor's is WE GET TO HAVE ANOTHER ULTRASOUND!! We are so excited to see what he looks like again. This time we hope his hands don't cover his face. Mike is anxious to see if he will look just like him. 

The doctor says we need to do another ultrasound because when measuring my belly, I am actually measuring at 28 weeks instead of 25 weeks. Since this is a big difference, she wants to make sure the baby is not too big and that things are still looking okay. Also checking to see if my due date will change. 

To get back on schedule this will all take place in 3 weeks for my 28 week appointment. I also have to get me glucose checked which means drinking that wonderful sugary orange stuff. Hopefully I don't have gestational diabetes! 

After my 28 week appointment I start going every two weeks. Time will fly by and we definitely need to kick our butts in gear to get this nursery done before he decides to show up. Luckily we have the car seat so we can bring him home, now just need everything else and a place to sleep. 

Have a great week everyone!

Weekend getaway

This weekend Mike and I packed our bags and headed north to Byron, MN. We have not seen Butter and Robin since our wedding.

On the way there we passed this Angus farm that is close to Denver, IA. We love this little farm and take this way whenever we head to my folks.

Once we arrived in Byron we grabbed a bite to eat at a cute little cafe. After that, we passed the Butter Factory and headed to Oxbow Park. This is a great free park where families can see different animals. We saw a buffalo, badger, fox, wolf, porcupines, eagles, owls, deer, lynx, and a mountain lion. Here a few shots of the furry friends.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekend finds

After work on Saturday I went bumming. Mission was to return some items and look for a dresser for the nursery. 

First stop was Target. Returned a lamp shade, chatted with my mom who was in town with friends, and found this ADORABLE shirt that I could not pass up. Isn't it just the cutest?

Next stop was Waterloo. Again returned a couple things and then I decided to check out some thrift stores. My intention was to find an old dresser made of solid wood that I (or more like Mike) could repaint and jazz up. Nursery furniture is expensive! I decided I need to look for deals when I can.

I found one........but not a dresser.
This beauty is a 1970 swivel rocker that I snagged for $55 at a thrift store. Perfect condition and the color is granny smith apple. This picture does not do justice! I love it.... I love it! One problem though..

I already bought bedding for the nursery with colors of orange, gray and baby blue. Adding another vibrant color would make it look kind of messy. I was torn whether to buy this chair and change the color scheme again which meant find new bedding or pass this chair up. 

After phoning my husband who was at work and then my sister for additional advice, I decided I had to get this. I bought it, went home and return the bedding. Last night I spent the evening looking online for all new bedding. The search is back on!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

24 weeks down......16 more to go!

At the end of this week I hit 24 weeks pregnant. I can not believe how fast this pregnancy is going! So much to do yet before our little guy arrives.

Here's what the momma is looking like:

This little boy is highly active. He will probably have a lot of muscle on this legs when he come out from all the kicking he's doing. :) Mike and I have been able to feel his kicks which is very exciting to us. 

By now, he is the length of an ear of corn weighing well over a pound, maybe closer to a pound and a half since he was a little big at 20 weeks. Getting chunkier every week as well as his lungs getting stronger, hair growing, and skin thickening. 

Before I know it he will be here, and I can't wait.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dinner Time!!

I've been MIA lately but only because I've been taking it easy.......and well my life has been uneventful.

Tonight Mike and I hosted our monthly dinner party. This is the second time we have been host and hostess. I had a busy day ahead of me with work and a eye doctor appointment that afternoon. So, my menu had to include the help of a crock pot. This evening our guests are in for a treat.

Swiss Steak
Mashed Potatoes
Dinner Rolls
Homemade white cake with raspberry filling and buttercream frosting served with ice cream

Guests arrived to a festive Easter decorated table and a glimpse of dessert. My cousin Dave was ready for cake before we even sat down for dinner.

A fun night was had with great conversation and everyone left with full bellies. Now onto the remainder of my busy week. Tomorrow: meeting after work till 8, Thursday morning bright and early a dentist appointment, Friday is the bank's annual meeting until 6:30 and Saturday morning I have to work.
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