Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hackman Christmas

Every year we get the growing gang together at my Uncle Dale and Aunt Bonnie's house for Christmas. This is the one holiday we all try to make it to so that we can see as much of the family. My grandparents have 8 children, I believe 18 grandchildren and couldn't even tell you how many great-grandchildren we are up to. 

We usually chat, play trivia about the family's past, do a gift exchange and play bingo. The younger kids love to play in the basement full of toys and the adults sprawl out to chat, laugh and hold the new babies in the family on the main level's kitchen, dining room, sun room and family room. As you can see from the pictures below, everyone had a great time. My sister and I even came in matching outfits. Great minds think alike! I had no idea what she was wearing and didn't even know she had the same sweater. 

The Children's Museum in LaCrosse Wisconsin

This past Thursday, my sister took the day off to spend some time with Sullivan and I. She's been talking about how amazing this children's museum is and how much fun the kids would have. We decided to venture north and see how great it really was. 

This museum and tons of fun, interactive areas for all different age levels. Her boys and Sullivan had a blast and of course my child had to through a fit when it was time to go. 

We will have to keep this in mind to stop again when we want a little getaway. 

Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Day

This has to be the best Christmas yet! Besides being a kid and anxiously awaiting to see what Santa brought me, I now get to live that belief through my son. On Christmas morning Sullivan got to open his presents from Santa. He loved them and has become quite the expert in unwrapping. Later that morning, we were invited over to my grandparents house for lunch. It was just a small gathering with some of my aunts and uncles that live close by. It was such a treat to go visit them. I remember as a kid going over there for Christmas celebrations and back then the house was jam packed with people. For several years now we celebrate the Hackman Christmas at my aunt and uncles house. Our family is growing and growing with grandchildren getting married and more great grandchildren on the way. 

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Eve

I love this time of year. I love all the magical lights, the family get togethers, the yummy food and the joy of kids waiting to see what Santa brings. Now that I have a child I think this time of year releases my inner childlike self. I look forward to the years ahead when Sullivan will get into more of the magic of Christmas and Santa and cannot wait to make it so special for him. 

I started the holidays off right with vacation. I am off work from this past Monday, December 20th through January 1st. Boy is it going fast and I'm already getting sad thinking about going back to work on Thursday. I love my time at home with Sullivan and would give anything to make our days at home together permanent. Mike also took some time off during the holidays to spend together as a family and to go back home to Calmar. We spent Christmas Eve through Sunday morning with my parents. I love being close to family and Sullivan loved it too. It hasn't even been a day away from grammie and papa and Sullivan has questioned where they are.

We always have Christmas Eve with my immediate family and like any holiday, vacation, family time, it went to fast. We had a wonderful meal and great conversations. The kids enjoyed playing together and opening presents and snacking away at the yummy treats. Here's some photos of the evening. 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Our first Santa visit

We never made it to visit Santa last year for Sullivan's first Christmas. Ever since then, I've been feeling regret. I want to make it's a tradition every year to see the big guy. This year we squeaked in a visit the weekend before Christmas. I think I was more excited then anyone, and through out the holiday season we've been talking and prepping Sullivan for Santa. He knows what Santa says, "HO-HO-HO," and he recognized Santa in books and on the television. Was he ready to see him in person?

Well, we stood in line to wait to enter Santa's workshop on Main Street in Cedar Falls. Here's how it went.

Yup, not such a fan. We couldn't even get Sullivan to sit on my lap next to Santa. Hopefully next year is better.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A little slice of an old memory

This past Saturday we had miles to put on. We left in the morning to head to Strawberry Point to pick up some more Red Piglet merchandise, then drove up to Decorah to celebrate a very special boy's birthday. My nephew, Landon turned 6 last Friday and what better way to celebrate than with pizza and archade games. I remember going to Happy Joe's for birthday parties when I was little and now the  we were there to celebrate another generation. This place is still the same and the pizza is yummy!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A First!

This past Sunday, Sullivan took a 3 1/2 hour nap. It was great for him and myself. I was able to get another portion of my wrapping done, prepare supper, make some cake balls, balance the checkbook and pay bills and squeeze in a little nap myself. 

When Sullivan finally woke up, I went to change his diaper and it was dry as a bone. I immediately thought to myself, "I wonder if he would go potty on his potty chair?" I stripped him down, set the potty chair out in front of the TV with complimentary snacks and beverage and waited. I didn't pressure him, but told him to try to go potty. Two seconds later, while eating crackers and a cheese stick and the boy was going potty! I couldn't believe it. I let him stay sitting on the potty for a while to make sure we weren't going to have another round. Once I knew he was done, we had a little celebration, high fives and the prize of getting to flush his pee pee down the toilet. 

I know we may not be at the point of potty training yet, but this is one step closer to losing those diapers. 

Here's a picture of him after we had our celebratory flushing.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Tradition

Every family has their own family traditions. One that we have, is with ornaments. Since Mike and I have been married, every year we get a dated ornament. In previous years, we've usually gotten them from the local Hallmark store, but this year I decided to get it a little more personalized. We actually have one similar to this from when we were dating that my sister-in-law gave us. I love this year the most probably more than any of the others.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Checking it twice!

Yes, that's right. Today was a day to check things off my list. With all of my Christmas shopping 99% done, today was a day to wrap and get catch up. 

Boy have we had a rough week. Actually November and December have not been very nice to us in the Nelson household. Sullivan had an ear infection and I had bronchitis in November and this week everyone got the flu. It started with Sullivan on Wednesday morning at daycare. Mike stayed home with him on Wednesday and Thursday and then on Thursday night Mike got the bug. By morning it was my turn, so Mike and I were both home on Friday while Sullivan went back to daycare. No fun for anyone. Thank goodness we were all feeling a little better on Saturday but still not 100%. I fully disinfect the bathrooms, floors and pretty much everything else on Saturday. I couldn't imagine what it would have been like if all of us would have gotten sick at the same time.

Today was a much better day and things were back to normal. We went to church this morning and came home to wrap presents, watch the snow fall, and do a little baking. It was the perfect day to snuggled inside. I love watching the white stuff fall but I am less than thrilled to drive in it! 

Christmas is only 17 days away. How are you doing on your shopping? I can't wait for the holidays, to spend time with family, see the magic starting to form in Sullivan and have a vacation. Yes I am anxiously awaiting being off of work from December 20th through the end of year. I know it will go fast!

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