Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Eve

I love this time of year. I love all the magical lights, the family get togethers, the yummy food and the joy of kids waiting to see what Santa brings. Now that I have a child I think this time of year releases my inner childlike self. I look forward to the years ahead when Sullivan will get into more of the magic of Christmas and Santa and cannot wait to make it so special for him. 

I started the holidays off right with vacation. I am off work from this past Monday, December 20th through January 1st. Boy is it going fast and I'm already getting sad thinking about going back to work on Thursday. I love my time at home with Sullivan and would give anything to make our days at home together permanent. Mike also took some time off during the holidays to spend together as a family and to go back home to Calmar. We spent Christmas Eve through Sunday morning with my parents. I love being close to family and Sullivan loved it too. It hasn't even been a day away from grammie and papa and Sullivan has questioned where they are.

We always have Christmas Eve with my immediate family and like any holiday, vacation, family time, it went to fast. We had a wonderful meal and great conversations. The kids enjoyed playing together and opening presents and snacking away at the yummy treats. Here's some photos of the evening. 

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