Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Garden Update

Here's a quick update on my garden. So far, things are looking pretty good and are finally starting to take off. My green beans are almost ready, and I have a couple of cucumber plants sprouting. We're waiting on the red peppers to grow and hopefully tomatoes will be ready as well. 

I'm having a tough time with my patio tomatoes. Darn streaked gophers will not leave them alone. This morning they tried to get into my big garden but kept getting caught in my net. You may not be able to see it in the pictures but those orange/red hoops have a purpose. I have a very fine, breathable netting protecting my garden. We have lots of squirrels and bunnies in our neighborhood as well which is what I put the netting up for. But it seems that the real problem is those pesky gophers. They keep digging in my tomato plant dirt and kicking it all out. 

On top of that problem, my tomato plant also keeps getting yellow spots on some of the leaves. I trim all the leaves off that get those spots but I'm worried my plant is going to struggle. Any suggestions would be helpful. I also have lettuce and it's been delightful. We've already had some with yummy BLTs and sandwiches. 

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