Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Breakfast on the Farm

This weekend we headed up to my parents house. There was a lot happening: fireman dance, Irish Fest, and breakfast on the farm. A community college in Calmar has an annual breakfast on the farm for the community to take a tour of the dairy buildings, see cows, and eat dairy! 

On Saturday morning, Sullivan and I met my sister and her family for breakfast. Sullivan had a great time. Some of his favorites were petting the baby calves and drinking milk from a milk carton. 

We also spent the day visiting my grandparents and hanging out with Asher and Landon. 

Later that evening my mom watched Sullivan while Mike and I met up with some friends to head up town to the dance. It was so fun to have some adult interaction, drink a couple of adult beverages and catch up with one of my best friends. 

This week's agenda is preparing the house for a birthday party! Lots of planning, cleaning and tidying up. I can't believe in less than two weeks we will have a two year old running around. 

Sunday, June 15, 2014


Happy Father's Day Dads! Today was a perfect day spent with two very special fathers, my dad and my husband. I could ask for two better dads in my life. My husband is an amazing father to Sullivan. He makes Sullivan laugh and giggle in ways I cannot. We definitely balance each other out and provide lessons, advice and parenting to our little boy that the other one can't. 

My dad is also very special to me. When I was little, I loved tagging along to anywhere my dad went. Today, more than ever, I look up to my dad very much. I consider him a true role model. He always goes above and beyond to help anyone out and has always put his children, wife, and grandchildren first before himself. I can only hope Sullivan will be as amazing as his father and grandfathers.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Catch up (not the condiment)

It seems I have a little catching up to do. Beware this is a long post with a bunch of pictures. We've had two very busy weekends and I have a feeling there will be many more for us this summer. 

Let's see, last weekend my sister and her family were in town on Saturday. Then Mike's parents came down Saturday night through Sunday and my parents were in town on Sunday too. We saw a lot of family and we did have to travel! 

On top of visiting with everyone, we also planted our garden. Pictures to come but I can scratch another thing off my bucket list for this year. I have tomatoes, red peppers, lettuce, green beans, and cucumbers all growing. I'm a little nervous for the cucumbers and green beans since I had to do those by seed. So far, I'm happy to say though that my beans are starting to sprout up!

Last weekend Sullivan also had some fun with our water table. This little boy loves the water, anything water. He washes his hands almost twenty times a day, loves playing in sink water, bath water, is obsessed with hoses and water cans and now wants to play with his water table every morning and evening after daycare. 

After a busy work week we finally got to this weekend. Friday night was date night with my little boy while Mike was working on last minute prepping for the Cedar Rapids Farmer's Market. I picked Sullivan up from daycare and headed to a nearby church playground for some fun. Along with Sullivan's love for water, I think he found something equally as fun, sand. We only played on the playground for 10 minutes out of the 40 minutes we were there. The rest was spent in the sand. For 30 minutes he scooped up sand in his bucket and dumped it through the slatted tray built into the little shelter. After making a promise to return again soon, our next stop was dinner. We had a date at the golden arch. We talked, people watched and ate our cheeseburgers and fries. By the time we got home and got all cleaned up, I had one tuckered out little boy. 

On Saturday, Mike started his first Downtown Farmer's Market in Cedar Rapids. Sullivan and I surprised him by going over and checking it out. HOLY COW was it packed! Tons and tons of visitors and over 200 vendors. Multiple streets were filled with vendors of all kinds. People with families, friends and furry critters were roaming the closed streets perusing the tables full of goods. I didn't have a chance to look too much but I could definitely spend a morning there finding all sorts of yummy and creative treasures. 

Mike did very well for his first Saturday in the market. He was so busy, we barely talked to him while we were there. Sullivan and I snatched some kettle corn, a snow cone, and a balloon. We will back for sure! After the market we headed over to my cousin, Nicole's house to drop a few things off and chat for a bit. Nicole has two boys and another one on the way. Her youngest, Colin, is only 3 days older than Sullivan. It was great seeing them and letting the boys play for a while. 

The rest of the weekend was interesting. Sullivan wasn't feeling the greatest and by 4:00 on Sunday morning we made a trip to the ER; the diagnosis is an Ear Infection. After some medicine and a long morning nap, he was coming around to his old self and was insistent on going outside. Hopefully the fresh air helped, if anything I think it made him more cheerful. 

Hoping for another fast and hopefully healthy work week!
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