Sunday, September 7, 2014

Picture Perfect

Today was a picture perfect day, cool in the morning and then warming up in the afternoon. Today wasn't too warm though, I think high was around 73. We took advantage of this nice weather and scratch on more thing off my 2014 Bucket List

After a lazy morning of watching cartoons, playing outside and eating an egg bake skillet and OJ, we got ready for a picnic at the park. For years, I've had this cute wooden picnic basket and visions of cute picnics under a shade tree. Today I made a couple of sandwiches, washed some grapes, grabbed some carrots, chips and dip and some beverages and drove around for the perfect spot. My intentions were to find a new park in Cedar Falls that was perfect for our first official picnic. We've had "picnics" before, but those were either grabbing subs or pitas and going to the park. This picnic was going to be special. 

After hunting driving around town, we decided the best spot might just be Island Park which was the same spot we took Sullivan to last time. Click here for previous post. He loved this park because of all the slides, particularly the BIG slide. Once we arrived, I realized it was going to be perfect. No one was there, there was a big shade tree right next to the play equipment, and Sullivan was already thrilled to see his big slide again. We played a little and then settled down on our blanket to eat our picture perfect lunch. 

Sullivan had a great time. As the boys were eat their cookies on a break from playing, Sullivan stopped and said "The park is fun." This little boy melts me. I tell you, I get no greater joy raising him to be the best he can while letting him have fun and explore the world. He was sad we had to leave, but I assured him we would be back. Our picnic was such a great time. I'm not sure why it took me so long to plan it or why I waited until the end of summer to finally check this off my list, but we might just make it a weekend occurrence until snow flakes fly or the cold weather keeps us inside.

On a side note, today is Grandparents Day. I want to wish my grandparents a happy day. I have and will still continue to create great memories with them. Sullivan would also like to wish his Grandparents a very special day. He is blessed to have both sets of grandparents apart of his life and love both his gammies and papas very much. You both play a special role in his life and he looks up to all of you.

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  1. This is so sweet! It was such a gorgeous day, looks like you all had fun :-)


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