Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015

On Halloween Eve, I took Sullivan to Cedar Fall Main Street for some trick or treating. I think everyone else from Cedar Falls, Waterloo, Janesville, Evansdale, Waverly, you name it also took their kids. It was the busiest year I have ever seen! Last year I took Sullivan just down one side of a block and called it good, this year was no different. I'm not sure what parents do with all their kids candy, but we don't need that laying around. One strip and about 8 businesses are we have plenty of candy. 

This event is meant for kids to safely go trick or treating and it's a sight to be seen. The entire main street is full of people strung in a line awaiting their turn for the next store front to give them candy. Sullivan had a blast though, and was warming his "trick or treat" and "thank yous."

On Halloween night we put on the Woody costume and hit the town. Instead of me taking Sullivan, Mike volunteered and those two had a blast. I stayed home, passed out candy, and watched Hocus Pocus. I think if you'd ask him, Sullivan might say Halloween is his favorite holiday. I'm sure that might change once Christmas comes though. We've already hid the pumpkin full of candy and have to ration his intake. This kid would devour it all if we'd allow.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

Thursday, October 29, 2015


Loving these two boys. The special bond they have and the silly games they come up with.

Loving this goofy little boy, his wild imagination, fun and free spirit and his passion for all the little things in life.

Loving me these fall colors. This by far is my favorite time of year!

Love these last few days or weeks feeling this baby move around. Even though I'm uncomfortable, sore and don't sleep worth a darn, I sure love feeling baby move. This is a feeling I wish I could bottle up and keep forever. Safe and sound in momma's belly.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

39 weeks

On Saturday I hit the 39 mark. That means one more week till due date and only one more week of work! As of October 30th I'm on maternity leave and absolutely only 2 more weeks till baby. Induction is set for 41 weeks if baby doesn't come sooner!

39 weeks is also a big one as it means baby is full term and can come any day now. Only a couple more days left in October, will baby make his appearance or will he wait to meet us in November? Anyone wanna share their guess for the arrival date?

Sunday, October 25, 2015

All things Halloween!

Today we got ready for Halloween! We are hoping to celebrate this holiday and NOT be having a baby. I'd much rather go into labor before or after this holiday, but I know it's not my choice. If it was my choice, I'd be going into labor tomorrow. :)

Anyways, this morning we started bright and early. While daddy made us some delicious pancakes and bacon, Sullivan and I spent the morning at our breakfast bar coloring pictures. Per his request, a witch. I'm not even sure we've talked about witches that much and we've never drawn pictures of people before. So when he said he was going to draw a witch, this is something I was curious to see. Overly surprised, this is the result. An excellent 3-year old's illustration of a witch. In fact, I'm not sure mine would look much better. Our little artist is definitely following in his daddy's footsteps. 

The day continued with some errands, lunch at Panera and then home to paint some small pumpkins. More arts and crafts time! Sullivan loves colors and loves mixing them. We are learning that too much mixing gives us brown and "icky" colors. 

After dinner we moved on to the finale, carving our pumpkin we picked up from the pumpkin patch last weekend. Dad and Sullivan had fun digging out the pumpkin guts, then designing the face, followed by dad carving it out. Meanwhile, Sullivan painted the stem of our pumpkin with glow-in-the-dark paint. 

We had a ton of fun today! Pretty sure this kid could color and paint all day long. 6 more days till Halloween and only 6 more days till due date. I have a feeling I'll still be pregnant in November, but just in case I'm wrong, we are ready and waiting sweet little boy....

Thursday, October 22, 2015


The weather lately is perfect. I so love this time of year! I love the smells, colors, having life slow down a bit after the busy summer, and cuddling up on those cool nights. It seems the trees took a little longer to change this year too so most of them still have all their leaves. It's won't be long and I have a feeling that all the trees will drop at the same time. We have one tree in our front yard that is a beautiful yellow and golden orange. This tree has been slowly letting its leaves go so we decided to have a little fun on Sunday morning. Mike raked up the leaves into a big pile and let Sullivan jump away. 

His little giggles and screams could probably be heard all the way down the street. 

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Our little family of three, but not for long!

This weekend we soaked up all that we could with just our little boy, Sullivan. With three weeks or less to go, it won't be much longer and our family of three will become a family of four. 

Since weekends have slowed down and we are planning on staying close to home for the remainder of my pregnancy, this weekend seemed like the perfect time to do a little family getaway. Everything planned had Sullivan in mind. This little boy has had so many changes this year, from a big new bed and new room, to new daycare and preschool, to soon becoming the big brother and no longer an only child. 

Apart of me feels sad that he will no longer be the only child. For over three years, Mike and I have given Sullivan all of our attention. Dates, weekends, sleep, time off from work, meals, traveling, tv watching, you name it, has all been centered around our ray of sunshine. On the other hand, I'm extremely excited and happy to think about how he will be a big part of our newest little ones' life. Sullivan will play a huge role in raising our new little boy. I know he will be a fantastic big brother. It's amazing to look back in my blog, even one year ago, and see how much he's grown. I can't possibly imagine how much Sullivan will grow this year with everything that has changed and will change. 

So, on Saturday morning we hit the road and traveled to Coralville. I've been wanting to take Sullivan to the Iowa Children's Museum for a while now. I've heard such great things about this place and with us already have been to our local one in Waterloo and the big one in LaCrosse, WI, it seemed perfect timing to try this one out. Sullivan loves children's museums, what child wouldn't love these places. They are full of hands on learning, playing and using your imagination. 

Coralville's children museum did not disappoint. After around 2 1/2 hours,  we had one sad boy leaving but promised to return again. We then grabbed some yummy lunch at Chili's and then ventured to an apple orchard/ pumpkin patch nearby. This place, Wilson's Orchard, is a quick 15 min drive from the Coralville mall. You wouldn't believe how close it is once you get there. The place is gorgeous, with rolling hills, fields of apple trees and plots after plots of pumpkins. Everyone must know about this place, because the parking lot was packed!

We had fun exploring the farm, even though most of the apples were all picked off the trees. We found a great pumpkin in the patch to take home to carve and finished our trip in the barn picking out a few apples, a small pumpkin just for Sullivan and fresh apple donuts. I would definitely return to this place next year, but earlier so we can do our own apple picking.

Sullivan had a wonderful Saturday away and was fast asleep before we even got back on the highway. 

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