Monday, October 12, 2015

37 weeks

3...2..1.., It's almost baby time! That how I feel the next few weeks will go. Or that's how I hope they'll go. The last few weeks of pregnancy either go really fast or really slow for pregnant mommas awaiting to meet their little. 

With a busy 3 year old, fall finally here, wrapping up projects at work, and my super fast pregnancy, I really want to be optimistic and say these next few weeks better go fast. Our daily conversations discussing names, hair color, eye color, looks, chunkiness, if he's going to be a Sullivan mini-me is killing me. I am so excited to meet this new little boy! I can't wait to hold him, hear his first cry, smell the newborn baby smell, kiss him and get all those squirmy snuggles. 

At 37 weeks we are ready to go. Bags are packed, plans are made for Sullivan, nursery is ready, and every week I clean the house hoping it's my last "nesting."

We can't wait to meet our pumpkin. So come on baby, don't wait forever!

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