Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Looking Back

With 2015 on our heels I think it's only appropriate to get one last post in for the 2014 and to reflect on the memories, changes and growth we've had. The years go by fast and I'm fortunate to have this blog to hold tight to all the wonderful memories big and small our family of three has made. 

Tomorrow we will turn a new page on another year. In our house that means a new year calendar gets put up, the Christmas tree comes down, new year is made in our filing cabinet and most importantly new goals on the blog are created for things to accomplish. 

Without further a do, here's a look back on what we've been up to in 2014. 
Had a slumber party at our house!

One of two surgeries in February.

Sullivan moved out of his crib into a big boy bed!

 Home improvement projects 
(a new pantry and laundry room, an updated guest bedroom, new landscaping, and my first garden)

Mike's second year selling Red Piglet. It was busy and successful!

Sullivan turned two!

Lots of family trips this year. We went to our very own Decorah Fish Hatchery to feed fish. We went to the Cedar Falls, Cedar Rapids and Des Moines Farmers Markets. And we took Sullivan to the Blank Park Zoo.

We visited our first pools, ate ice cream instead of napping and visited many parks.

We potty trained Sullivan.

Had our first professional haircut.

Carved pumpkins and wore a homemade 
Mickey Mouse costume.

Had our second surgery of the year.

Switched daycare. Amy is wonderful and the best blessing!

Attempted our first movie in the theater.

Rode our first choo-choo train.

It's been a great year! 
Hoping good health and happiness to you in 2015!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Iowa Weather in December

Weather has been abnormally warm for an Iowa Christmas. These past few days have been in the high 30s to low 40s and we've had little to no snow. I'm sure we will pay for it in March and April next year. So what would one do in Iowa with weather like what we are having in December? Well, you go to a park. 

On Friday, my sister with her two littles, Sullivan and I all hung out. Last year we ventured to LaCrosse Wisconsin to the amazing children's museum, but due to the over travel my family has done we decided to stick closer to home. We had a yummy lunch and then took the boys to the train park in Cresco Iowa. Although the train was closed, the boys didn't mind running around taking in the fresh air! 

Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Holidays

My days are off as it's been a very busy 4 days. We are home from visiting family over the holidays and today and tomorrow will be spent laying low, playing with Sullivan's new toys and catching up on housework. We've been in two states and have drove over 400 miles, but it's all worth it to see our loved ones. 

Tuesday night we opened presents with Mike, Sullivan and I before heading on the road for the holidays. Sullivan picked right up on opening presents and didn't want to stop!

Christmas Eve is always spent with my immediate family. This is the time I cherish the most. All my siblings, parents and niece and nephews in the same house, eating a great meal and spending time together. It goes way too fast, but this year seemed to be the best one yet.

Christmas morning was spend at my parents house, and Sullivan was thrilled to see more presents to open filled with fun new toys and crafts. That afternoon we drove to Austin Minnesota for Mike's family Christmas. This year's Christmas was extra special because of his aunt and uncle visiting from Arizona and the celebration of Mike's grandmother's 90th birthday. This was Sullivan and my's first time meeting Gene and Joanne from Arizona. We sure had a wonderful visit with them and all the others there.

Christmas evening was spent in a hotel which is always a treat for Sullivan. Although he didn't want to go in the pool, he loved their fresh popcorn and the room telephone. 

Gift were abundant and very unnecessary. What we cherish the most is our time spent with our loved ones. We love our family dearly and thank all of them for this years memories made over the holidays. 

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