Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Snowflake Express

This past weekend, my good friend Heather and her two littles came to town. We all had tickets to ride the Snowflake Express. This is a holiday train that comes to town one day a year and is sponsored by several different business to benefit a fundraiser for a local radio station. I believe this is it's 3rd or 4th year and each year the popularity gets bigger and the tickets sell out even faster. 

I was lucky enough to land 5 tickets after waiting in line on a Saturday morning at 6:30. With each ticket you are guaranteed to see Santa and you get a free bell, just like the popular movie Polar Express. 

So after lunch at Applebees, we headed to Waterloo to board the train. Sullivan was way excited. We've only been watching the Polar Express almost every day of the week. Sometimes we even get lucky on the weekends and watch it multiple times!! The kids had fun, received a bell, and got to shake Santa's hand. 

Although it was a neat experience, and Sullivan loved it, I may reconsider going in the future. There are improvements that could be made to give it a more magical feel. But in the meantime we made memories and both Sullivan and I can cross off riding a real train on our bucket lists. 

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