Sunday, December 7, 2014

New Do!

This past week I broke down and made some haircut appointments. I'll be the first to say haircuts don't happen often in our household. With Mike shaving his own head and me just not wanting to spend the money on my hair, I'm lucky if I have 3 haircuts in a year! No exaggeration! Sullivan was born with little to no hair and as he's grown I've trimmed it here and there myself. He's never had a professional haircut up until this point. So the date was set for Wednesday night at 5:00 pm with Jess at Shampoo on Main Street.

I decided to have Sullivan go first. The intentions were to take photos, have fun and give him a fresh look. Sullivan has thin hair the way it is, and with the cold winter months I want it to be a little longer. The problem with this is that his hair gets major static from having his stocking cap go on and off everyday and after naps and nighttime we are left with a "hot mess" in the back of his head. Of course nothing ever really goes as planned with little ones, do they? We ended up bribing him to stay in the chair with a sucker and watching Mickey Mouse on Netflix with my phone. Even with all this bribery I still had to sit next to him while he cried a very sad cry and refused to put on the cape. Needless to say his haircut was short and sweet with a trim mostly in back and around his ears. 

I never did get before pictures or much of the "event." I did manage to get some afters though that we can compare to photos taken a couple of weeks before.

Here's the before:

Here's the afters:

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