Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Holidays

My days are off as it's been a very busy 4 days. We are home from visiting family over the holidays and today and tomorrow will be spent laying low, playing with Sullivan's new toys and catching up on housework. We've been in two states and have drove over 400 miles, but it's all worth it to see our loved ones. 

Tuesday night we opened presents with Mike, Sullivan and I before heading on the road for the holidays. Sullivan picked right up on opening presents and didn't want to stop!

Christmas Eve is always spent with my immediate family. This is the time I cherish the most. All my siblings, parents and niece and nephews in the same house, eating a great meal and spending time together. It goes way too fast, but this year seemed to be the best one yet.

Christmas morning was spend at my parents house, and Sullivan was thrilled to see more presents to open filled with fun new toys and crafts. That afternoon we drove to Austin Minnesota for Mike's family Christmas. This year's Christmas was extra special because of his aunt and uncle visiting from Arizona and the celebration of Mike's grandmother's 90th birthday. This was Sullivan and my's first time meeting Gene and Joanne from Arizona. We sure had a wonderful visit with them and all the others there.

Christmas evening was spent in a hotel which is always a treat for Sullivan. Although he didn't want to go in the pool, he loved their fresh popcorn and the room telephone. 

Gift were abundant and very unnecessary. What we cherish the most is our time spent with our loved ones. We love our family dearly and thank all of them for this years memories made over the holidays. 

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