Monday, June 4, 2012

36 week picture

36 weeks is here!! Only 4 more to go! Well maybe not. :) Here's a picture on my belly. He's getting bigger, pressure is getting stronger, and the waves moving across my belly are fun to watch. 

Technically, a baby is full term after 37 weeks, so this little boy can come anytime after that. I'm now going to the doctor weekly and even though my baby is growing I didn't gain any weight this past week. I've been so blessed to have not gained a ton of weight during my pregnancy. I think the total is 11 pounds and by now our little boy weighs almost 6 of those. 

Doctor did check to see if my body is starting to get ready. Sadly I'm less than a centimeter but the head is down and right there.

Doctor also said the latest she will let me go in 41 weeks, but I'm hoping and praying for sooner. I've been praying that this little boy comes on his own. I'd love to go into labor without medication. None of my sibling have had that joy and I would love to be the first. In the meantime, we are walking to help him lower and get things moving. We will see if that helps!

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