Saturday, June 30, 2012

40 week appointment update

I'm 40 weeks and still pregnant! Ugh, I can't wait to see our little boy and all he wants to do is stay scrunched up inside my belly. 

Thursday was our 40 week appointment with an ultrasound. The ultrasound was super fun! He was showing off his chubby little face and making all sorts of faces at us. Smiling, squinting, pouting, swallowing and he even looked like he was chewing. The ultrasound showed he's about 8lbs 4oz, which the doctor says he is no less than 8 pounds if anything he's bigger. Everything else looked normal and healthy.

Even though my body doesn't seem to be progressing, my doctor said I only have a week to go. By the end of next week I should be holding our little boy in my arms! We are so excited to be on the home stretch. We continue to pray that all goes well. Please be thinking of us and praying that my body will either go into labor on it's own or react to the medication used for induction. We hope that things will go as smoothly as possible and that the end result will be a healthy and happy momma and baby. 

Here's some pictures of our little guy full term.

As for this weekend, we are tidying up the house and relaxing and enjoying our last weekend as the two of us. Tonight Mike and I went out on a date! One of our favorite restaurants in Cedar Falls is Montage on Main Street. The owner of this restaurant also owns another one of our favorites, Brown Bottle. Mike chose the Texas Brisket and I chose the Chicken Thai Peanut Pasta. Both were amazing! I recommend going there if you are ever in the area. For dessert the owner treated us to s'mores ice cream cake. We loved it and now are sitting at home completely stuffed.

We hope you are all enjoying your weekend and have big plans for the 4th of July. Summer is cruising by and it's hard to believe it's July and our baby boy will be here soon. Stay safe everyone and we will keep you posted!

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