Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Weekend happenings

It's nice to have life a little slower now that the holidays are done, Mike's home on the weekends, and the weather has been decant enough for us to not feel any cabin fever. Friday night we settled in for our first family movie night. We've had movie nights before, but they were always impromptu and it was usually Polar Express playing at Sullivan's request. Friday night however was the full treat. I got some groceries and Hyvee Chinese take out for supper, followed by popcorn and movie theater candy, a big blow up mattress and a movie everyone agreed on. Although Sullivan really wanted Polar Express, we decided on a horse movie that was pretty good. 

Sullivan loves the blow up mattress and usually only sees it when we have overnight guests. This little family night was very inexpensive and was super fun! I should have added on my 2015 bucket list that I want to do more fun family date nights without spending a lot of money. We will definitely be repeating family movie night soon. 

Saturday was spent cleaning the house in the morning, and then seeing the Merrill family. They came to town to visit, have lunch and do a little shopping. Sullivan loves his cousins and always seems to be super energized and super silly around them. 

Sunday was a wonderful lazy day. We all went to Target in the morning and then hunkered in to watch the NFC and AFC championships. I am a Seattle Seahawks fan, and I am thrilled we are heading to the Super Bowl again. It was definitely a nail biter game, but in the end, we beat the Packers. Now we just need to win the Super Bowl. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Bucket List 2015

So far in 2015 I've created a new bucket list, see here or look at the top of our header for my 2013, 2014 and 2015 bucket lists. With that being said and all of it laid out for everyone to see, I've also started with scratching something off my list. Going on 3 years now, I've wanted to learn more about photography. We have a DSLR camera and I can honestly say I have no idea how to use it to it's full or even half of it's potential. I was so excited when I spotted a photography class at the end of November. Reason why maybe I haven't taken any yet is because there was never anyone teaching them that I thought I would get my full money's worth. In November when I saw the class "No More Auto Mode" by Tim Dodd, I knew I had to go. Tim Dodd is the owner of Tim Dodd Photography and happens to be what I think, one of the BEST photographers I know. Mike and I tried to get him for our wedding but our date didn't match with his schedule. I should have changed our date, because he's that good. 

Anyways, I'm two weeks into my 5 week class and am already doing things I've learned. I have a long ways to go, but I know more about my camera and more about the physics of taking good photography. I can't wait to see what the next three Tuesday nights have in store. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Life of a 30 month old

It's been a while since we've done a video. Sullivan is past the 30 month mark, so for a mini celebration and glimpse of what his life is like, check out this video. It's a little dark due to watching Polar Express for the fifteenth time this week, but the commentary is on point. 

Sullivan is such joy and although he may be innocent in this video, he can be awfully stubborn and testing at times. I'm hoping this is more of a phase rather than his true personality. Unfortunately he has some of those wonderful traits in his genes. 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Hackman Christmas

This past weekend we celebrated our last Christmas of the season. I love this time of year but am glad life is ready to slow down a bit. Especially with this week's forecast of cold temperatures and tonight snow! Why is it that snow comes after Christmas? I'd love to have some snow for Christmas but could care less after the new year. Either way it gives us a reason to stay inside, snuggle in blankets and eat yummy soup! 

Our last Christmas on the Hackman side is always a blast, and this year may have been my favorite so far. Something about a beautiful house packed full of adults and children makes my heart happy. I love talking and catching up with my aunts and uncles, cousin young and old. Holding the new babies of the family, celebrating big events in our lives and eating yummy food. My mom comes from a big family. This family has blossomed into an even bigger family with tons of grandkids and even more great grandkids. 

From the words of my 89 year old grandpa, "I am truly blessed to have such a beautiful family."

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Ringing in 2015

Like our usual for the past several years, New Year's was spent in the comfort of our own home. We've been making it a tradition to get take out, watch a little television of the live party in New York, toast to the new year and lights out well before midnight. Boy, we can have quite the dance party to all the performances at the "fancy" New Year's Eve celebrations. It's also tradition since Sullivan's been born for him to take a photo in his party attire. 

We had a blast! Take out from Sakura, chicken nugget dinner for the little and plastic champagne glasses filled with orange juice and sparkling grape juice. We also shared a Scratch cupcake for dessert. The start of 2015 is looking promising. We had a great day with equal balance of relaxation and accomplishments. Our house is clean, the Christmas decor is stored away until next year, enjoyed sleeping in and taking afternoon naps and we even did a little early spring cleaning. We weeded out some toys, books, decorations and other miscellaneous items and chose to donate them. We have our 2015 calendars up and the start of year end book work and new files. 

Now to work on my bucket list. I have great hopes for 2015. I'm choosing to make it a fabulous year!

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