Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Weekend happenings

It's nice to have life a little slower now that the holidays are done, Mike's home on the weekends, and the weather has been decant enough for us to not feel any cabin fever. Friday night we settled in for our first family movie night. We've had movie nights before, but they were always impromptu and it was usually Polar Express playing at Sullivan's request. Friday night however was the full treat. I got some groceries and Hyvee Chinese take out for supper, followed by popcorn and movie theater candy, a big blow up mattress and a movie everyone agreed on. Although Sullivan really wanted Polar Express, we decided on a horse movie that was pretty good. 

Sullivan loves the blow up mattress and usually only sees it when we have overnight guests. This little family night was very inexpensive and was super fun! I should have added on my 2015 bucket list that I want to do more fun family date nights without spending a lot of money. We will definitely be repeating family movie night soon. 

Saturday was spent cleaning the house in the morning, and then seeing the Merrill family. They came to town to visit, have lunch and do a little shopping. Sullivan loves his cousins and always seems to be super energized and super silly around them. 

Sunday was a wonderful lazy day. We all went to Target in the morning and then hunkered in to watch the NFC and AFC championships. I am a Seattle Seahawks fan, and I am thrilled we are heading to the Super Bowl again. It was definitely a nail biter game, but in the end, we beat the Packers. Now we just need to win the Super Bowl. 

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