Sunday, May 13, 2012

32 week appointment update

First off let me say.....Happy Mother's Day mommas! I hope you all had a wonderful day doing whatever it is you love and spending time with family. 

I feel blessed to have some amazing mommas in my life. Not only my own mother, but my mother-in-law, my sister, and my sister-in-laws. All of them have shown me wonderful examples that I hope to use when my little boy arrives. Thank you ladies!

This past week I had my 32 week appointment. Everything went very well. Doctor said my weight gain has been extremely good, only gaining 10 pounds total. Also baby is measuring a little big still so, the doctor said WE GET TO HAVE ANOTHER ULTRASOUND!! Michael and I are so excited to see how much more chubbier our little boy got. The reason for this ultrasounds, which is my third, is to check on the baby's growth. They want to measure him again and compare with our last ultrasound which was done at 28 weeks. Our third ultrasound is set for next Wednesday the 23rd and I will be at 35 weeks.  

It's probably best that we didn't schedule it for this week because my schedule can't get any fuller. On top of working 8 to 5:30 Monday through Friday here's what else I have on my plate.

Monday night- Lamaze class from 6 to 9:15
Tuesday night- hair appointment 
Wednesday night- bankers seminar at Isle of Capri from 4 to 8
Thursday night- Church baby shower from 6 to ??? 
Friday night- head back to Calmar for the weekend and dinner with Heather
Saturday- baby shower back home and my cousin's graduation party

Mike has Wednesday through Friday off work because we have Butter and Robin visiting us this week as well. So on Tuesday night I'm preparing meals and cleaning up the house and then on Thursday night I will also have to pack to head home straight after work. 

Boy if that won't make the week go by fast then I'm not sure what will. 

This weekend was a productive one. We had great weather! Mike finished the windows in the baby's room and stained the windows in our room. Cross our fingers for good weather on Wednesday so all can be done! I know Mike and I will be glad when that project is complete.

Hope to you all have a great week and we'll be seeing some of you this weekend!

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