Sunday, April 29, 2012

Baby's Room

Well we've sure been busy at the Nelson household! Since we got new windows installed in our bedroom, the baby's bedroom and our main bathroom, Mike's to-do list has been never ending. He's been such a great husband with everything I've asked from him. 

Mike painted our bedroom and the baby's room a couple of weekends ago. Since then, transforming the baby's room and getting things ready is high on our list. After all I only have two more months to go! The crib is up and ready, car seats are waiting to be installed, alphabet wall is complete and hung, storage cube is assembled and baby clothes are washed and put away. We still have more to do. If it ever decides to be sunny and nice on the weekends, Mike need to stain the windows in the baby's room and put up blinds and curtains. We also need to find a dresser to turn into a changing table that will probably get repainted white, and I need to make a pillow for the rocking chair.

I love this room and could me happier on how things have turned out so far. And I just LOVE my alphabet wall. It's perfect. We are so excited for our little guy to arrive and cannot wait to meet him. 

I will post pictures again when our room is complete.

Crib with a navy and white polka dot sheet
View of the room
My chair from a thrift store, ottoman from antique store then reupholstered

The alphabet wall

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Minneapolis Trip Recap

On Friday my sister, Stacy and her son, Landon and I hit the road north to Minneapolis. The Merrill family was in Cedar Falls the night before for a Casting Crowns concert. Everyone was up bright and early Friday morning. After breakfast, good bye to the boys we were off.

Before reaching Minneapolis we stopped at the Medford outlet mall to catch a couple of deals, fill up with gas and lunch. Our main mission was to Minneapolis to go to Ikea! Both my sister and I have been waiting to go back since the last time we were there.

We spent the night and then got up Saturday morning for more shopping. We looped back home, stopping at Rochester. We got some great deals and had a great time. 

Check out all my loot!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Eryn's First Communion

The Sabelka Family

Today we celebrated Eryn's First Communion. It was a great celebration with family and Eryn! Eryn read at church and did a wonderful job.

Reading at church

So pretty!!       

Sabelka Grandparents with Eryn
Great-Grandparents with Eryn
Asher and Derek

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ultrasound pictures!

I had my 28 week appointment on Thursday. This was a big one for several reason, I was getting my glucose test for gestational diabetes and we were scheduled to have another ultrasound because the baby was measuring bigger.

We waited all 4 weeks since the last appointment wondering how our little guy has changed and what he would look like now at 28 weeks. Well......I can honestly say I'm in love. He's the most beautiful little bundle I've seen. He has chubby checks and what looks like it could be a Sabelka butt chin. 

Our appointment went well. I'm 29 weeks and the ultrasound measured me at 30 weeks and 5 days. Our little guy is in the 70th percentile for weight and his head is measuring more at a 31 week baby. He may be a little chunk with a big head when he comes out! Doctor said everything looks wonderful and healthy and no reason to change the due date. They will still continue to monitor the growth to see if he will be too big. 

I also had great news on Friday with the results of my glucose test. I passed the test!! I am so thankful and so happy that I do not have gestational diabetes. For both the health of me and the baby, I feel God is watching over me and this little one. 

Here some pictures of Baby Boy Nelson!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

28 weeks!!

Well I'm a little late with this post but, I'm 28 weeks! This is a big week since it's also the start of my third and final trimester. I know I've said this before but it's crazy how fast time is flying by. I just hope it starts to slow down so we can get the room ready and so I can enjoy my short maternity leave.

Although the nursery is no where near ready we are getting things bought and everything lined up. Paint for the nursery is bought, crib is here waiting to be assembled, crib bedding is ready, and the alphabet wall is coming along. Also this past Monday we had windows replaced in our room, the nursery and the bathroom. They look so good but now we have to stain them, or I should say Mike has too. Poor guy is up to his ears in projects!

Here's what the momma is looking like at 28 weeks and I should give you warning. The outfit I wore in the photo makes me look like I'm 9 months pregnant with twins. Holy cow does my belly look big in this picture!! 

He is getting bigger and bigger. I just hope that he's not a 10-11 pounder when June comes around.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter everyone!! I should say Happy Resurrection Day! It's a wonderful day to give thanks. 

The morning started off with church service and visitors, my sister and her kids joined us. After church we headed back to our house and awaited the arrival of more visitors. My parents, Mike's parents, my grandparents and my bother and his family all drove down to spend Easter at our house.

After food was devoured, which all was amazing, we decided to get some fresh air. Outside we went for a little egg hunt for the kids. Everyone enjoyed watching them scramble to find the hidden gems. 

Next up was dessert, the best carrot cake ever made by my sister-in-law, Cathy. 

The day went fast, but it was a wonderful day! I hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as the Sabelkas and Nelsons!

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