Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Our Newest Addition and a little egg hunt!

We have good news! We've added a fish to our family. Well, sort of, this isn't just any goldfish. We bought Sullivan a robot fish. Call me crazy, but yes, a robot fish that should only die when the batteries need changing. The best part is you never have to worry about changing the water or feeding it. Let me tell you if the best darn pet yet! I'm not sure whose more excited, me or Sullivan. 

As I mentioned before, Sullivan loves fish! At daycare they have a pet fish in his room and from time to time, he will make a point to show me it in his classroom. Since I'm not ready to handle a pet for Sullivan that he can't help take care of, and I'm not much of a pet person anyways, this seems like a good solution. So far, Sullivan likes it quite a bit when he remembers it's there. He like to sit next to it and he's not afraid to go in and grab it out of the water. Good thing it's a robot fish, otherwise by now we would have a dead fish flopping around our floor. 

This weekend we also did a little practice for the Easter Egg hunt. Last year when we had Easter with my family, Sullivan wasn't sure about the Easter eggs and wasn't interested at all about trying to find the hidden gems. So this year, with a little practice, I think he'll be ready. 

For a video or our practice run at an egg hunt and Sullivan's thoughts on his new fish, click below.

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