Sunday, April 6, 2014

A new pantry!

For over two years now, I've been wanting to turn our little closet by the back door into a pantry but still use it for coats and shoes. Weird combination I know but you work with what you got, right? Well, the year Sullivan was born didn't work out. We were busy getting his room ready and being parents. Last year didn't work out either. Not sure why, but that year flew by too fast to remember much other than the milestones Sullivan had.

So this is the year! The year I will slowly but surely redecorate and give our house a more "homier" feel that is functional for us. I have big plans this year to paint many rooms in our house. My list may be big but I have already checked a couple of rooms off. I wish I would have taken more before and after pictures, so this little project is the first set. We already have our master bedroom done, and now our pantry. This weekend Sunday was a busy one. The boys 
are already conked out to sleep. I have hopes for next weekend too, but we will see. My goal is to tackle a room every now and then so my list doesn't seem so long and difficult. 

Without further ado. Here is our before and after pictures of the pantry. I still need to find a basket to put on the top shelf for some odds and end but for the most part it's done. I also may look for a better rug to liven it up. 


Yes, my friends, that is yellow! Bright yellow and I've been dealing with it for almost 4 years. I should have worn sunglasses every time I looked in there.


So much better! I love it and although it's not my dream pantry. This is great and will work for us. I not only have a pantry, but I have somewhere to store my cake decorating tools, my recycling bins, a shoe organizer and a place for Sullivan and I's coats. 

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  1. Love it Jo! It turned out really nice. I don't have a pantry at all, nowhere besides cupboards, which basically means I can't really shop ahead much. I would love to have a space like this!


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