Sunday, April 26, 2015

Big News!

So here we are at the end of April. Wow, did this month go fast! Sorry I've been in hibernation for the remainder of what I hope is the last of cold weather. Today, was beautiful though. We spent the majority of the afternoon outside doing yard work, prepping the garden, and playing. We are all looking forward to this weeks weather which is supposed to be the the 70s and sunny, sounds pretty perfect to me!

I have good reason why I've been slacking in the blog lately. I've been tired, nauseous, and just not feeling myself. If you haven't guest it by now, I can happily say WE'RE PREGNANT!! I'm past 12 weeks, had my first doctor's appointment and have even said good-bye to my first trimester. Thank goodness on that, because let me tell you, this pregnancy is going a lot different than my first. As I mentioned earlier I've been nauseous almost everyday and for the most part all day long. I'm slowly feeling much better, but I still have moments. 

Mike, Sullivan and I are so excited for fall to get here. I say around Halloween but will most likely be November when our family of three becomes a family of four. Sullivan will be the best big brother. He already shows many qualities of being a big helper, care taker, great at sharing and being kind to others. I often gets notes (good ones) sent home from daycare about all the kind things he does to help Amy and the little girls out. I'm certain his role of being an only child with mold into the best big brother ever!

Stay tuned for monthly updates and more frequent blogs (now that I'm feeling up to it). :)If you'd like to begin guessing what you think the gender of our next child will be, take the poll of the right side of my blog! I'd love to hear your guess!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Down on the Farm

This past weekend while we were home for Easter, my sister's family and us took a trip to the Hackman family farm. This farms was my grandparent's and is now owned and operated by my aunt and uncle. I have memories of this farm going back to my childhood having my first pet, playing hide and seek around the outbuildings, and running around the barn and milk room. It's been such a long time since I've been there and boy have things changed. With a larger operation working around the clock, advanced technology and faster and smarter equipment this farming thing isn't for everyone. 

On this farm are 1100 cows with several new ones being born almost daily, baby chicks and a few pigs. We had a chance to see a little of everything including cows being fed and milked, and we even witnessed a baby calf being born. So cool! My trip there certainly appreciates all farmers including my aunt Bonnie and uncle Dale a little more. 

Sullivan was so intrigued by everything and every animal. He loved petting the new baby calfs, the fresh fluffy baby chicks and the bulky show pigs. I've come to realize there isn't much that my little Sullivan is shy about. He got right up to the cows and wasn't afraid of any animal or noise. The tractors were pretty cool too. About the only thing Sullivan wouldn't do was hand milk a cow and I don't blame him, I'm not so sure I would have either. 

We will definitely be back for another visit, but next time, Sullivan will need chore clothes. He was dirty from head to toe, covered in hay, feed, and dirt! Thanks again for taking time out of your busy day to show us around and let us explore a little bit of the farm. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter 2015

We had a fun filled Easter weekend. We started by hitting the road early Friday afternoon. Sullivan was so excited to go to Grandma's house. I think we tried to pack in as much family time and as many activities as we could in 2 days. Friday night we ate yummy fish with all my family. The kids got to play and us adults got to relax and catch up. We also let the kids dye Easter eggs after dinner.

Saturday morning we met back up with all of Sullivan's cousins to head to the community's Easter egg hunt! We had a blast, picked up some eggs, took a picture with the Easter bunny, and then it went south. Sullivan lost his free ice cream cone token and was devastated. He cried and said "Sorry mom" the whole 3 block walk back to my parent's house. I felt so bad for him, but it was definitely a learning lesson for him. Luckily we had other things planned so we forgot about it.

Next up, we decorated Easter cookies to share with family and friends. Sullivan loved putting the "crinkles" on the cookies. As you can see, some of them were a little too decorated. 

The fun doesn't end there, we also made a trip to a farm. Another post to come on that soon. Easter Sunday was equally as great! More family time, great food, beautiful weather, lots of laughs, another Easter egg hunt, and one tired little boy sad to say good bye to the weekend and his family. All and all this may have been one of the best holidays/Easters I've had in a long time. I'm so blessed to have loving and supporting family in my life. 

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