Tuesday, September 15, 2015

New Room

We've been working on Sullivan's room since this summer. Before he turned 3 we got a new, way cool, tent bed from Ikea. Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE Ikea?! I'm pretty sure if shipping wasn't outrageous and Ikea was closer, I'd have a serious shopping problem there. I usually try to make it to Ikea at least once a year. Spending a couple hours in the store in so easy to do and I end up leaving with at least one good find. 

So with the new bed and the decision to change rooms, we transitioned our little boy into one of 3 major events for his 2015 year. This year, Sullivan got a new room, new place to go to for school and daycare and pretty soon, he'll be a big brother. So far things are transitioning well. 

We left the color of the walls the same, the perfect soft gray, and accented with some vibrant colors of blues, greens, and purple. His bed not only has a tent but underneath we created a reading nook. Also in his room is his table and chairs from Santa. He loves to color and do crafts and someday maybe even a little homework. The built in shelves are filled with books, special animals and trucks, along with his favorite board games. We moved all of his toys into his room after separating the baby toys and cleaning out some for donation. It's amazing how in 3 short years, just how many toys kids accumulate. I'm already telling family NO MORE TOYS!!

We also added a tall 6 cube shelf that serves as a night stand and more toy storage. Sullivan loves his room and I love how everything has a home. My rule is he can take toys out of his room, but every night they must be put back. 

The hardest part was the details, what to put on the walls. So we added a mirror to help him dress independently, reused the letter "S" from his previous room and just repainted it. Added another shelf with more animals (the kid loves animals) and finally found a home for a one of a kind painting made by his daddy. 

I think it's the perfect little boy's room. Stay tuned for Baby Boy's room soon...

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