Saturday, July 11, 2015

Last Minute Getaway

With this weekend being are only full free weekend, I was on the fence, do we do a little family vacation or do we stay home and relax. Well at about 6 pm last night we chose the first option. So we quickly packed an overnight bag and hit the road. 

It was like last year all over again. We chose the same hotel, and same destination. Des Moines-Blank Park Zoo and overnight at a hotel in Ankeny. We arrived at the hotel a little before 9 to a full house and we took the last available room. We opted for an early morning swim instead of staying up late because it was full and event was going on in the banquet room. 

Up an at em at 6:20 am, impatiently awaiting the pool to open at 7 am. On the dot, Sullivan and Mike were splashing around having a blast. 

The rain was coming down good in Ankeny and Des Moines, I was starting to regret our getaway if there was going to be no zoo. With an eye on the forecast, a slow moving morning and an excellent hot breakfast, we inched our way to Blank Park Zoo. By the time we arrived the rain was stopping and the parking lot was getting full. More disappointment when we walked in the door seeing that giraffes weren't available for feeding and the train was down all due to the wet weather. 

We decided to make the best of it and so glad we did. This trip turned out awesome! The weather warmed up and dried so everything was rolling, including giraffe feedings and train rides. We hit all the stops this time around. We saw the seal show, rode the train and carousel, fed some goats, saw the furry lion and fed the giraffe. Life is good! 4 hours at the hot zoo walking around, an hour and 50 minutes home and everyone cleaned up and ready for bed. 

Our family vacation 2015 was short but sweet. We had a blast! It was the perfect getaway for more memories made. 

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