Tuesday, July 14, 2015

24 Weeks

24 Weeks.

Baby is moving a ton and growing! My doctor appointment on Monday shows baby weighing around 2 pounds with long legs. Everything looks good on the ultrasound too. He seems to be taking after his older brother with the long legs, measuring a week ahead of schedule and never staying still. Hopefully this baby will cooperate a little better when it comes to delivery. It was also very clearly confirmed he is a boy. 

Anytime I have an ultrasound I can't help but feel giddy and extremely blessed to have this little bundle growing inside of me. Before knowing the gender I had a hard time imagining Sullivan being a big brother to a little boy sibling. I think this is mainly due to the fact that he is with little girls all day at daycare. Now knowing that the baby is a boy and we can refer to him as little brother, life feels  just right. I couldn't imagine it any other way. The thought of Sullivan teaching his brother the ins and outs of life and having a "partner in crime" is the perfect puzzle piece to our family. 

At 24 weeks the baby is the length of an ear of corn, probably longer in our case since he's got long legs. Baby's hair color is getting more defined and he will be packing on the pounds from here on out. Sleep for me is going better than before although I'm still having pain in my hips and when I'm not wearing my compression stockings, my feet swell. 

We are starting to transition our house for baby's arrival. We've already switched Sullivan into his new room and his new bed. We still have finishing touches to do and need to change out his closet. Baby rooms is temporarily our guest bedroom until we find storage for those items and relocated all of Mike business items to his office. Suddenly our 3 bedroom house feels like a 1 bedroom apartment. I know we will eventually need to find more space but in the meantime, my organization skills will be put to the test. More details on the transition to come. 

I have one more 4 week appointment and then I'm moving on to every two weeks. With this pregnancy flying by and Sullivan starting preschool in a little over a month, our household is having some major life changes. Time to soak up my little boy before he's a big brother and a student!

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