Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Doc is moving in!

We had a lovely surprise on the Saturday morning after Thanksgiving. On November 29th, a little elf from the North Pole came to our house to keep an eye on Mr. Sullivan. 

Of course, we had to come up with a name and Sullivan chose Doc. I think it had something to do with him watching Doc Mcstuffins at the time. ;) Anyways, he came with a story book of why he's visiting us and also brought a couple of presents. The book says we can't hold him or he'll lose his magic to fly back to Santa every night to give his report. We don't always leave him untouched, after all everyone can use some cuddles, right?!?

So far Doc has fit in quiet well and has done anything too crazy. He's hidden in our tree and in ours stockings and has hung from the Merry Christmas banner. He's some photos of where he's been in the morning when we wake up. 

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