Sunday, December 21, 2014

Meeting Santa 2014

Well technically this is the third time we've seen Santa this year, but we've never actually talked to him until now. This Saturday we took Sullivan to sit on Santa's lap and pour his little heart out with all the toy ideas he has. This season Sullivan's been in love with Santa. He screams of excitement when he sees Santa on the television or yell "Santa, Santa!! at the cardboard cut outs at Target. We thought for sure this was the year he'd finally be okay with sitting on his lap and smiling nicely for the camera. Boy o boy were we wrong. 

While waiting in line at the Santa workshop on Main Street in Cedar Falls, Sullivan was in great spirits. I'm going to blame it on the two little girls in front of us that screamed bloody murder when seeing the jolly fella. Sullivan's excitement turned to fear and was clenching both Mike and I for the 10 seconds before it was our turn. Santa knew this wasn't heading in his favor so he stood, I held Sullivan and well this is what we got.

Believe me when I say this was mild compared to what happened after. He was not having it AT ALL!! If you want to compare to last year's click here.

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