Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015

On Halloween Eve, I took Sullivan to Cedar Fall Main Street for some trick or treating. I think everyone else from Cedar Falls, Waterloo, Janesville, Evansdale, Waverly, you name it also took their kids. It was the busiest year I have ever seen! Last year I took Sullivan just down one side of a block and called it good, this year was no different. I'm not sure what parents do with all their kids candy, but we don't need that laying around. One strip and about 8 businesses are we have plenty of candy. 

This event is meant for kids to safely go trick or treating and it's a sight to be seen. The entire main street is full of people strung in a line awaiting their turn for the next store front to give them candy. Sullivan had a blast though, and was warming his "trick or treat" and "thank yous."

On Halloween night we put on the Woody costume and hit the town. Instead of me taking Sullivan, Mike volunteered and those two had a blast. I stayed home, passed out candy, and watched Hocus Pocus. I think if you'd ask him, Sullivan might say Halloween is his favorite holiday. I'm sure that might change once Christmas comes though. We've already hid the pumpkin full of candy and have to ration his intake. This kid would devour it all if we'd allow.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

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