Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Animals= Picture Overload

This weekend we explored, touched, and learned about several different kinds of animals. Sullivan and I explored a cute petting zoo in Waterloo on Saturday. It's a free will donation petting zoo called Sunnyside Petting Zoo that lets children touch, feed and get up close to several different types of animals. This petting has a very small fee to get carrots to feed cows, donkeys, horses, llamas, and goats. They also have chicken feed for the ducks, chicks and chickens. We had such a great time, some of Sullivan's favorites were the donkeys, pot belly pigs, horses, cows and baby chicks. He was very sad to leave so we will have to return another time and bring daddy along.

On Sunday we made a trip back home for an early birthday celebration for my grandpa. Before the afternoon potluck, Mike, Sullivan and I made a trip to the Decorah Fish Hatchery. Again this is a free field trip with the only small cost for food to feed the fishies. Cross this off on our 2014 Bucket List and another favorite. Sullivan squealed with delight watching the small, medium and big size trout fish flop around to get the food. After burning through a half cup of fish food we took a little walk to the beautiful waterfall. We will definitely be making another trip back before summer is over!!

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