Sunday, December 8, 2013

Checking it twice!

Yes, that's right. Today was a day to check things off my list. With all of my Christmas shopping 99% done, today was a day to wrap and get catch up. 

Boy have we had a rough week. Actually November and December have not been very nice to us in the Nelson household. Sullivan had an ear infection and I had bronchitis in November and this week everyone got the flu. It started with Sullivan on Wednesday morning at daycare. Mike stayed home with him on Wednesday and Thursday and then on Thursday night Mike got the bug. By morning it was my turn, so Mike and I were both home on Friday while Sullivan went back to daycare. No fun for anyone. Thank goodness we were all feeling a little better on Saturday but still not 100%. I fully disinfect the bathrooms, floors and pretty much everything else on Saturday. I couldn't imagine what it would have been like if all of us would have gotten sick at the same time.

Today was a much better day and things were back to normal. We went to church this morning and came home to wrap presents, watch the snow fall, and do a little baking. It was the perfect day to snuggled inside. I love watching the white stuff fall but I am less than thrilled to drive in it! 

Christmas is only 17 days away. How are you doing on your shopping? I can't wait for the holidays, to spend time with family, see the magic starting to form in Sullivan and have a vacation. Yes I am anxiously awaiting being off of work from December 20th through the end of year. I know it will go fast!

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