Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Most Wonderful time of the Year!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!    Well in the Nelson household anyways. We've even already had a dusting of snow last week to add to the Christmas feeling.

This week starts the busy holiday time. Thanksgiving is on Thursday followed by Black Friday and then on to December. I cannot believe how fast this year has flown by. I want to make sure to soak up all the holidays has to offer and make the most of it for my little guy, who is acting very "big boy" lately. I believe he is in a growth spurt. He is eating lots and all the time. His vocabulary is extending and becoming clearer, and did I mention how big he's getting? The last couple of weeks I've stepped back and just watched him.. while he's playing, talking, listening, and learning. All make him seem so big.

This weekend, we decided to make the most of our free weekend. It's the first in a long time we both, Mike and I, had nothing to do and no where to go on Saturday or Sunday for the most part. So what did we do? Well we did spring cleaning in November! I'm a little behind but I've been wanting to organize, clean out, and rearrange rooms and closets since Sullivan was born. We went to town on Saturday morning. Our "office" is now the workout room, office and play room. Our guest bedroom is actually a usable guest bedroom, we no longer have stuff consuming the floor and bed. So visitors are welcome! We even managed to put a chair and foot rest in there; Sullivan thinks it's quite cozy. We rearranged our guest bedroom closet for all of Mike's Red Piglet merchandise and business equipment and our hall closets are neat and organized as well.

Once that was out of the way we went on to decorating for Christmas. We kept it simple this year with the tree. I wasn't too sure how Sullivan would do with ornaments and all. We put a small tree in the corner of our living room with just lights and non breakable/non edible candy canes. We also put up our stockings, our card holder, a little nativity set, our traditional Ellen Street hooks outside and my latest Pinterest project. 

I saw this idea of making a felt tree that you put on the wall and cut out felt ornaments and lights to add to and take off. It's a way for kids to decorate their own Christmas tree without breaking anything on the real one. It's a hit at our house and it was super cheap, super easy to make. 

Enjoy our pictures from this productive weekend and Happy Thanksgiving!

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