Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekend finds

After work on Saturday I went bumming. Mission was to return some items and look for a dresser for the nursery. 

First stop was Target. Returned a lamp shade, chatted with my mom who was in town with friends, and found this ADORABLE shirt that I could not pass up. Isn't it just the cutest?

Next stop was Waterloo. Again returned a couple things and then I decided to check out some thrift stores. My intention was to find an old dresser made of solid wood that I (or more like Mike) could repaint and jazz up. Nursery furniture is expensive! I decided I need to look for deals when I can.

I found one........but not a dresser.
This beauty is a 1970 swivel rocker that I snagged for $55 at a thrift store. Perfect condition and the color is granny smith apple. This picture does not do justice! I love it.... I love it! One problem though..

I already bought bedding for the nursery with colors of orange, gray and baby blue. Adding another vibrant color would make it look kind of messy. I was torn whether to buy this chair and change the color scheme again which meant find new bedding or pass this chair up. 

After phoning my husband who was at work and then my sister for additional advice, I decided I had to get this. I bought it, went home and return the bedding. Last night I spent the evening looking online for all new bedding. The search is back on!

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