Saturday, March 10, 2012

24 weeks down......16 more to go!

At the end of this week I hit 24 weeks pregnant. I can not believe how fast this pregnancy is going! So much to do yet before our little guy arrives.

Here's what the momma is looking like:

This little boy is highly active. He will probably have a lot of muscle on this legs when he come out from all the kicking he's doing. :) Mike and I have been able to feel his kicks which is very exciting to us. 

By now, he is the length of an ear of corn weighing well over a pound, maybe closer to a pound and a half since he was a little big at 20 weeks. Getting chunkier every week as well as his lungs getting stronger, hair growing, and skin thickening. 

Before I know it he will be here, and I can't wait.

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