Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium

This past Sunday Mike, Sullivan and I head east to Dubuque to visit the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium. This was Sullivan's first official vacation field trip with us. I thought this would be a great icebreaker since Dubuque is only an hour and a half away from Cedar Falls. 

The Museum and Aquarium is very nice. We had fun looking at different fish and sea creatures and learned a lot about the might Mississippi River. We even got to see an alligator! I think Sullivan two favorites of the day where the turtles and the sting rays. 

We headed home after a couple of hours because Sullivan started to feel a little under the weather. He's been having a tough week or so due to a bunch of teeth coming in. We have one molars through and the other will hopefully break through soon. I believe this month alone he's gotten over 5 more teeth.

Later this fall we will have to try again at another little adventure away! 

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