Monday, August 19, 2013

While daddy's away..

This weekend Sullivan and I got to have some mother-son bonding. Mike packed up early Saturday morning to head up to Minneapolis for a guys weekend. Once a year he tries to get together with some high school/college buddies to draw for fantasy football. Last year Sullivan was very young so Mike just called in his picks and missed out on most of the fun. 

Here's what our day on Saturday looked like:

6:15- woke up ate a little Kix cereal while watching tv and playing
7:30- ate breakfast got dressed for the day
8:30- left for Farmer's Market, garage sale, ToyRUs
9:30- back home to play with our new kitchen
10:30- Grammie and Papa stopped by
11:20- out to lunch at Applebees with Grammie and Papa
12:45- another trip to ToysRUS to exchange baby gate
1:30- back home to take nap
3:30- snacks and playtime
4:15- trip to Walmart (yes another baby gate, couldn't find the right one!)
5:45- dinner
6:30- played outside 
7:30- get ready for bed

We had lots of fun so much in fact that Sullivan slept an extra half hour on Sunday morning. Then at 8:00 am he insisted we go "buh-bye" by repeatedly handing me his shoes. Sunday was a little more relaxing, we went to church at 10:00 and then home for lunch and a very looonng nap. Sullivan took over a 3 hour afternoon nap. Great for me because then I got a lot done. I made 4 freezer meals and 4 cake in a jars, 3 loads of laundry, unloaded the dishwasher and relaxed for 10 minutes before deciding to wake Sullivan up for fear he wouldn't sleep Sunday night.

Sullivan missed his daddy very much and was so happy to see him on Monday morning. First thing Sullivan did on Sunday morning was walk into our room thinking he'd be laying in bed. Then several times he looked out the window saying "dada."

Here's some snapshots of our weekend!


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