Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring, are you here?

We've officially entered into spring, well that's what the calendar says any ways. I would say spring is currently on Spring Break already. 

Last week we had beautiful spring weather and love it! Sullivan loved playing outside at Amy's during the day and we were already getting into a routine of bribing him to come in at night. This little boy is such an outdoor lover, unlike his mother that doesn't care too much for hot, humid weather, bugs and critters. All set aside, we took advantage of the nice weather last week and made spring official by checking out our first park for the year. Sullivan was so excited to go out of our normal routine last Friday. Instead of going home after work, letting him play outside for a couple of minutes and then dragging him indoors so I could make supper- we went to a cute park close to college hill. Sullivan was so excited and tested out everything there, several times. 

Now, fast forward to last Sunday and this week and we've had cold weather, freezing rain and back home by Decorah, lots of snow. We even had to pull out the winter jacket one day. But this coming week looks promising with temps in the 60s and even a day scheduled to be in the 70s. Let hope the ground dries up and warm weather is here by Easter. I'd love for the kids' Easter egg hunt to be outside this year. 

I think everyone is wishing for spring to stay!

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