Sunday, February 15, 2015

A day of rest

Sunday should be more about taking it slow and enjoying family time. And that's exactly what we did this Sunday, I mean the entire weekend. With another weekend of no plans(boy am I getting spoiled with these) we spent the weekend loving Mr. Sullivan up. After all it was Valentine's Day yesterday. Rather than a date night with just Mike and I, we turned it into a spoil Sullivan with attention, a new game, endless books read and movies of his choice day. We had a nice breakfast which led to a light lunch and snacking all day. Then rather than going out for a fancy dinner, we ordered take out. It was perfect! Although I love a nice date night of getting spoiled by my hubs, I love nights with my two favorite boys just as much. Today has been pretty much a repeat of Saturday. Have I mentioned how much I love the weekends?!?!

Our "rest" weekends also seem to include jam sessions of either top television theme songs, whatever plays on Sullivan's woofer guitar or anything else we can belt out and tap our toes to. So enjoy this funny little video of our rock star, because I'm sure one day he will hate me for these.

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