Thursday, June 25, 2015

The first day of Summer

Like anyone on the first day of Summer, we did all things outside. Sullivan was begging to go in his pool at 7:30 that morning. I was able to hold him back until 10:00, but even then the neighbors still looked at us funny on their was home from church. 

His vibrant soul did not care one bit on how cold the water was. Splishing and splashing, he was squirming like a work in his too small for him pool. We came inside around 11:30 for lunch and settled for a nap. By 2:30 he was back out there again! 

With only 5 more days of June left, it won't be long before the summer is over. That means a little boy venturing to preschool, a baby arriving in the fall, football games, crisp air and today marks 6 months until Christmas. I wish time would slow down a bit. We need more time with this little boy and our summer days before our family turns to 4. We need more time before the weather gets cooler and the days get shorter. We need more time before 2015 turns into 2016.

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