Monday, June 15, 2015

Halfway there! 20 weeks

We hit the halfway mark on Saturday. It's crazy to believe I'm 20 weeks pregnant already and only 20 weeks left before our family grows by 2 feet. We still have lots to do to prepare but first we have the all important question, "Is it a boy or a girl!?"

Well this Thursday is the day we get to see our baby on screen and hopefully find out. We decided to take a different route this time and instead of finding out at the hospital we plan to seal it in envelope for a later reveal. 

At 19-20 weeks these kicks are getting stronger and it won't be long and soon Sullivan and daddy will be able to feel them too. Today I was listening to some music while working and the baby was moving and a groovin'. Maybe we have a future dancer, raper, musician?? 

I also still continue to have such different experiences with this pregnancy that when I was pregnant with Sullivan. I already have swollen feet, weekdays are worse than weekends but I think that has to do with sitting at a desk all day and it being summer weather. I can be an emotional roller coaster, just ask my husband. I have had more pimples appear on my face than when I was in high school. And I still have days where food just isn't that appealing. Not sure what that all means but hopefully I will get the pregnancy "glow" soon! 

Stay tuned for a gender reveal coming up! Don't forget to vote if you think it's a boy or a girl. There's still time. 

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