Sunday, April 3, 2016

Picture Perfect Weekend

What a great weekend! Such a bummer that tomorrows already Monday again, but we made the most of our weekend while we had it.

It was a windy one, but today was perfect temperatures and the sun was shinning. I'm loving the green grass, buds on the trees and longer days. The boys love being outdoors so we tried our best to get moments of fresh air this weekend despite the 40+ mph winds. 

With an early start to the weekend on Friday afternoon, I helped at Sullivan's preschool setting up for their annual garage sale. I had extra time to kill while Sullivan was finishing up his preschool class, so I took a quick walk on Main Street to check out some shops and then home to get the house cleaned. I've realized that life would be so much better if work got done at noon on Friday and I had a couple of hours to run grab groceries and clean the house before anyone else got home. 

The boys and I hung out on Saturday while Mike was selling Red Piglet at Barn Happy's open house. While daddy was away, Sullivan and I made some cookies and scored a sweet kite for later on at our trip to Target. 

Sunday was the real fun day! Beautiful weather, a lazy morning start to the day then turning out to be quite productive. A little spring cleaning, a fun game of BINGO, kite flying and playing at the park, some ice cream, art projects for school and picking up sticks outside to wrap up the day. The boys took baths and were both out cold in no time from all the fun we had. 

Looking forward to more wonderful days like today.

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