Sunday, April 10, 2016

5 month Jett

On Friday our handsome, smiley, lovable Jett turned 5 months. These are the months I want to bottle up and keep forever. Jett loves attention. Loves people talking to him, playing with him, and of course chauffeuring him around so he's not left alone. His smile could light up the room, seriously, I don't think any other baby's smile can be bigger than his. And his dimples will win over any lady young or old.

At 5 months, Jett can roll over consistently from back to tummy, in fact he rarely is on his back anymore. Most of the time he gets mad being on his tummy all the time because he hasn't mastered rolling back over. I think we are getting close though, he's rolled back to tummy and then tummy to back a few times but nothing consistent. 

We are also working on sitting up! A work in progress but I have a feeling we will have this mastered before 6 months. 

Shortly after he turned 4 months, Jett took a turn like all unpredictable babies. He stopped finishing his bottles and sleeping through the night. Not sure what all brought this on, but he's continuing to gain weight, is healthy as an ox, isn't fussy and has no issues with burning through diapers. It's very strange though because some times he finishes them and others he will leave 1 to 2 ounces left. I think because of the change in his eating habits, this caused him to get hungry in the night and wake up. So we are no longer sleeping through the night anymore. Now at 5 months he gets up to eat once in the night but can whine an additional 2-3 times for his pacifier. 

There's no teeth yet, but with the combination of appetite change, constantly chewing on his fingers ALL THE TIME, and stinky #2s, I have a feeling teeth will be popping up soon. 

Jett's personality is also developing more. When he's angry he scrunches his nose and starts to snuff and snort. When he's happy and content he "talks" loudly. And if you want him to giggle you just have to tickle him. He's very ticklish so we tickle him all the time just to hear the wonderful baby giggles. 

His attentiveness and eye sight are advancing as well. He loves to grab for toys and play with his older brother. It won't be long and Jett will be Sullivan's little shadow. It's quite adorable when Sullivan talks and sings to him, Jett listens and smiles to every word. I can already tell he thinks of the world about his older brother. 

Jett is our little baby bear. If your hands are near his, he will grab on and not let go and if you give him something to hold it goes straight in the mouth. 

We love watching you grow sweet boy!

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