Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Birthday party fun!

My sister has a little boy, Asher who was born on July 5th of the previous year Sullivan was born. We decided to have a duo birthday party to celebrate Asher's 2nd and Sullivan's 1st at my sister's house this past Saturday. 

After brainstorming ideas or should I say searching on Pinterest, we decided to have a Circus party theme. Games for the kids, conversation and drinks for the adults, then food and cake for everyone. On the menu we had hot dogs and chips, ring toss pasta salad, fresh squeezed lemonade, popcorn, cotton candy and fruit on a stick. 

I think it was a great hit, everyone seemed to have lots of fun including the birthday boys. By the time the party was over, we had way to many gifts and two very tired little boys and exhausted mommies. Here's some shots of all the decorations and fun. Sorry for the overload of pictures, videos to come!

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