Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pool time

We've been having hot hot days since the 4th of July. The humidity has been pretty rough on us and the air conditioner is running nonstop. With all this warm weather I figured it would be a perfect time to bring out the pool. 

I got a mini pool for Sullivan a while back for a couple of bucks at Target. Mike blew it up, I filled it and away we went. Sullivan loves water, loves drinking it, love bathing in it and loves splashing in it. 

I thought this would be a for sure winner. He loved watching us fill it but it seems it took longer to fill it than he really wanted to play in it. I think maybe it was the slight wind towards the end of the evening, or at least I like to think that was the reason he didn't care for it. Anyways, before we finished I could resist snapping a couple of pictures of our first pool time.

P.S. doesn't he look so much like a Sabelka in this last picture with Mike. :)

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