Tuesday, July 9, 2013

12 months old

Even though I already did a one year post, I have one more traditional monthly post to squeeze in. Every month I've taken Sullivan's picture next to magnetic letters. This is the final month and although I'm sad for it to end I'm also really happy because it is very difficult to get a picture taken now days without him grabbing the board. If you'd like to reflect back on previous months just look on the right side of my blog towards the bottom. You will see a tab called labels and click on the months old. 

Favorites at 12 months:

  • Hiding things, hiding himself (he loves hide and go seek)
  • Steamed broccoli and cooked carrots are his favorite veggies
  • He loves almost any fruit, most favorite right now is grapes and mandarin oranges
  • loves cheese and black olives too
  • favorite toy....his books or his new chair
Sullivan has 6 teeth with more on the way and loves to walk around things. This past weekend he took 4 steps. I'm pretty sure he can walk but just chooses not too because he know we want him to. Time will tell.

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