Thursday, August 21, 2014


This past weekend (yes I know tomorrow is already another weekend) Sullivan and I headed up to my parents house. Mike decided to join us after the market in Cedar Rapids on Saturday. While our weekend had nothing planned, we had so much fun! It's not often when we go back home that we don't have plans to be somewhere, a celebration or plans of meeting up with family and friends. This weekend was the type to spend quality time with family. 

Friday night after work, we headed north. We got to my parents just in time for a lovely dinner. After dinner, we ventured over to my grandparents to visit and see the birthday boy. My grandpa turned 89 on the 15th.

On Saturday my sister and I loaded up the van and took the boys to LaCrosse, WI for a little shopping. On our way back home we stopped in Decorah at the best little ice cream stand. I have fond memories of The Whippy Dip snowstorms in high school and as a family treat. If you are ever in the area stop for a cookie dough snowstorm. It's the real deal. I'm almost positive is actual homemade raw cookie dough!

Later that evening we went over to my sister's house so that the boys could play and run wild. Sullivan had so much fun running all over their yard, playing in the club house, getting pushed in the jeep and riding in the back of the car up to the cabin. 

Sunday morning was a nice breakfast with my parents and then back on the road to home. It was the first time Sullivan saw our house and starting crying because he didn't want to be home. As soon as we were coming up the road he kept saying "No, no mommy, no home." Yes our little boy wanted to be with his grandparents, and to be running around with Asher and Landon. It's time like these I'm sad I'm not just 10 minutes away from my family. But I am also thankful I'm only an hour and twenty minutes away. 

Here's to another Friday, and another weekend. Summer's almost done and I couldn't be happier to end the workweek and be with my boys!

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