Monday, May 2, 2016

A broken toe for Garth

Let me back up a bit to the end of April. Mike and I had planned a date weekend in a big way, by getting Garth Brooks tickets. I was so excited! Not only to just get a way for a bit but to see Garth. I'm not much of a country fan but Garth is my exception, and he's been on my bucket list for years. 

Two days before the concert I stubbed my toe pretty good on an ottoman in Jett's room. The pain continued to get worse and by Friday morning, I could not even put a shoe on my right foot to go to work. I knew something was up and if I wanted to see Garth, I knew I had to go to the doctors. Almost a two hour lunch to the doctor's office turned out with a broken pinky toe and two walking boots (one heavy duty one for Garth concert and another for driving and indoors). NOT what I had in mind. I thought if it was broken all they do is tape it and tell me to take it easy. These boots have to be worn for the next 6 weeks! I'm already sick of them and cant wait to wear a normal shoe. 
Feeling a little down and bummed that I wouldn't enjoy the concert like how I had planned, we still went anyways. Our tickets were pretty stellar. We were behind the stage but had second row. The stage was an island and Garth performed around the entire thing. It was spectacular! He is an amazing performer that sang his heart out at every song. He engaged with the fans and at time made almost everyone cry with his moving words. I would see Garth again in a heartbeat. The only thing I regret is not having a good camera for our amazing seats.

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