Wednesday, May 11, 2016

6 months Jett

Jett turned 6 months on Sunday, Mother's Day. I had plans of taking it easy and having fun with the family. But at midnight, while still at my parents (an hour and half from home), Jett woke up burning hot. Quickly taking his temperature and giving him medicine, the thermometer read 100.3 and climbing. Luckily, I have the best mother around. She woke up as well and we spent the next hour wiping him down to get his temperature under control. I spent the next 6 hours holding him on my chest in a recliner so he could sleep and I stayed up making sure his temp didn't spike again. At 6:30 am we were back at it only this time his temp went to 100.6. A call to Nurse on Call said we were doing everything we could but since he had no other symptoms to just keep at it. Once we got his temp back down we drove home. My mother's day wasn't going as planned but that's the joy of being a mother. On his 6 month birthday, Jett experienced a terrible cold, possibly started from his two bottom teeth that have sprouted.

An extra day to recoup and we are finally seeing our happy joyful Jett again. 

It's amazing what a month can do. From month 5 to month 6 Jett has learned and mastered rolling over in every direction. He's started cereal and just tonight tried squash for the first time. Jett has two teeth but I'm pretty sure more are coming. He loves to chew on Sohpie the giraffe and his pacifiers. Although we haven't accomplished sitting on our own yet, he's very close. But what he's also learned is crawling. Between rolling and army crawling this kid gets into everything and goes anywhere. 

He's a joy and absolutely adores when his brother plays with him or when anyone talks to him. We can't wait to see how much he will continue to learn and grow over the next month!

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