Monday, August 8, 2016

First Timers

This past week and weekend we had a couple of first. 

1. Sullivan's first trip to The Falls. He's been begging us to go there every time we see it on the highway. On Saturday evening we had no plans, so an early dinner and what looked to be a quiet pool turned into the perfect little trip. We arrived two hours before closing thinking this would be perfect time. Enough for him to play and wear him out for bed, not super hot or sunny, and hoping everyone else in Cedar Falls had other plans leaving him to explore it all. 

I think the pictures speak for themselves. He had a blast! He loved going  down the slides with dad, hiding in the tunnel when the big bucket of water dowsed the little kids, climbing on top the alligator heads, and just swimming around making friends with others in the pool. Even if we don't make it again this year, it was fun and we'll sure be back soon. 

2. Jett is walking! Jett is cruising around with his little walker. At 8 months, he's been walking around furniture and so I busted out the little walker and he marched like a pro down our hallway. He loves it. 

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