Thursday, July 28, 2016

Fair Fun

Since it's summer, why not do something summerish and head to a county fair! We missed one of my favorites, the Winneshiek County fair, so we settled with something close by we could tackle on a weeknight. 

We through our usual weeknight routine out the window and took off on Highway 218 North into Bremer County. We saw animals of all kinds including a zebra and some good looking Angus cows for dad. We got Sullivan a dog balloon animal. Purchased a few tickets for rides and slide, played a game or two for yet another stuffed animal and then settled in for some people watching eating some fair food that everyone picked out themselves. I remember spending the weekends going to the fair grounds, meeting up with classmates I've missed all summer long, riding the rides until I felt sick, and eating all cotton candy and snow cones I could handle.

So many things scream summer time like watermelon, sweet corn, pools, vacations, camping, BLTs, and fairs.

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