Thursday, July 14, 2016

Birthday Celebrations

Why celebrate your birthday once, when you can celebrate twice! On Sullivan's actual birthday we surprised him with a "trap" in his doorway when he woke up followed with balloons and streamers in throughout the house. Unfortunately Mom and Dad had to work, but Mrs. Amy celebrated the day with Sullivan and made it extra special. That night, we went out for pizza at Sullivan's request and cake back home.

Then this past weekend we celebrate with a birthday party with Sullivan's cousin Asher. We've been having joint birthdays for 4 years now since the boys are a year and one day apart. This year's theme was 4th of July. Low key but special with fun invites designed by Mike, a little red, white and blue, and a cozy pool for the kids to splash around in. We had such a lovely time and the food and cake were yummy! Both boys loved all their presents. 

Another year in the books and Sullivan already is asking when his birthday will be again. 

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